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Why Studio Lauro

Once we understand the needs and agree on the objectives, we propose concrete solutions.

We guarantee clarity in working processes, planning during interventions, and performance monitoring.

We offer continuous commitment and timely reactions 24/7.

Our rigorous analysis and work method, our creative approach, our passion and willingness to offer an excellent service allow us to face any challenge, especially the most difficult ones.

Our vision

Thanks to modern analysis techniques and a multidisciplinary approach, Studio Lauro assists and supports its clients by creating a “ team spirit" dedicated to the continuous improvement process typical of successful companies.

Our method

We work in a simple and effective way, though rigorous. We “team up” with out clients.We tackle problems in a multidisciplinary perspective through an internal team of professionals and an external network of selected colleagues.

About us

  • More than 25 years of professional assistance on corporate, tax, social security issues (in addition to normal company management), always with the same quality, competence, passion and precision. In addition to this, honesty, ethics, customer care, commitment and competitive fees make the firm a safe and reliable professional support. A pleasant discovery then, a safe haven today.

    Luca Di Giacomo

    Founder, Bain

  • Every time I open my email, I immediately look for any messages from Dr. Lauro: her advice and comments have always been, during my long experience with the Firm, of great help and sharp intelligence.

    Andrea Mungo

    Entrepreneur and Founder of Octocam and Kolimat

  • I am a painting restorer and have been assisted by Studio Lauro for almost 20 years.In addition to the undeniable support in the areas of accounting and taxation, I have found incredible support, and with the necessary expertise, for access to public funding that has obviously been successful. In particular, I have been able to appreciate Annalisa Lauro's ability to advise me in finding, selecting and organising my areas of activity in order to achieve the best possible result. Thank you therefore to Studio Lauro for the trust and support that has always been present.

    Enrica Boschetti

    Restorer of paintings on canvas - Researcher of methods with innovative materials

  • I've known Dr. Lauro and her practice for years now. It's exactly what I've been looking for and longing for. Professionalism, customer care and passion are the precious characteristics I found. In addition: friendliness, confidentiality and discretion. For me and my work an essential reference now. Something rare and precious that I can no longer give up. In short, a studio "to marry".

    Corrado d’ Elia

    President and Artistic Director Compagnia Corrado d'Elia; Artistic Manager MTM - Manifatture Teatrali Milanesi; President and General Manager Scuola di teatro Teatri Possibili

Our founder

Annalisa Lauro

Chartered Accountant

Thanks to her pragmatic personality and an acute capacity for analysis and synthesis, she has always faced challenges with passion, determination, and method.

Annalisa Lauro is a Chartered Accountant, Auditor, and Auditor for Local Authorities.

In addition to the management of the Firm, Annalisa Lauro holds various positions in the public and private sector: Auditor of shipping, commercial and construction companies; Director of real estate and commercial companies; Liquidator of real estate and commercial companies; and other positions in various sectors.

Coming from humanistic studies, she graduated "cum laude" at the University of Genoa in November 1985.  In the same year she obtained her qualification and later on, in March 1986, she was enrolled in the Provincial Professional Register.

In 1989, after many years of sacrifice, she opened her own firm in Milan. Since 2000 she has been enrolled in the Milanese Professional Register. 


COVID – 19

In order to make a modest practical contribution to the community in this period of emergency Covid-19, our Firm undertakes to provide brief tutorials to comment on the emergency decrees "Decreto Cura Italia".

Our contribution to the fight against this Virus is aimed at a better understanding of the various fiscal measures to support companies, the self-employed, the entertainment industry and all taxpayers in general.

  • DL Liquidità: Finanziamento 25.000 euro - 17 aprile 2020

  • DL Liquidità: Sospensione versamenti imposte - 10 aprile 2020

  • DL Cura Italia: Proroga del Bilancio 2019 - 3 aprile 2020

  • DL Cura Italia: Indennità €600,00 Professionisti – 1 aprile 2020

  • DL Cura Italia: Indennità 600,00 € INPS – 31 marzo 2020

  • DL Cura Italia: Locazioni -
    30 marzo 2020

  • DL Cura Italia: Moratoria Banche – 30 marzo 2020

    From the problem to the solution

    The Firm works in a simple and effective but rigorous way: we "team up" with our clients.
    We deal with problems with a multidisciplinary perspective thanks to an internal team of professionals and an external network of selected colleagues.


    Without excluding the ordinary services of accounting, financial statements, and tax returns, the study has a comprehensive approach to support the periodic monitoring of the company and to assist in the formulation of business macro-choices - also on organisational and internal control aspects. From the classic business plan tool to the more structured management of the business model.


    The Firm assists the activity of Professionals/Consultants by providing secretarial, financial and relational support services in view of their limited structure/organisation.


    The Firm - sometimes involved in the creation and implementation of turn around projects - supports and assists the administrative, financial, commercial and personnel management departments also by attending company meetings.

    Start up

    The Firm cooperates in the drafting of the business plan, follows the registration with the Chamber of Commerce register, supports the entrepreneur in the development of his idea and in the search for new partners as well as helping him to fulfil all the necessary operational formalities.

    Health sector

    The Firm also has specific experience in the "productive" sector of companies in the health sector: the Firm can therefore support the company in all its departments.


    For both indirect and direct e-commerce, the Firm provides complete fiscal assistance in the identification for VAT purposes in the different European countries, provides a management control tool to monitor sales in the individual countries and supervises the start-up of the website.

    Member fights/ Disputes between shareholders

    The Firm can boast almost 100% success in the results obtained in safeguarding the assisted partner, both in terms of timing and in economic terms. We provide fiscal, legal and technical assistance in the negotiations of exit and division of corporate assets.


    The Firm proudly claims total success in assisting entrepreneurs and directors subject to criminal charges. The success is the result of the ability to analyze and interpret the available elements that leads to the drafting of Technical Consultancies of Party that are the often essential tool in the construction of the defensive system.

    How to get to the Firm

    Ask for an appointment for a consultancy meeting

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