Accounting and tax services

Ordinary accounting

Accounting services, electronic invoicing assistance and ordinary management dedicated to companies, individuals, and non-commercial entities. Preparation of periodic reports, profitability analysis, assistance in buying and selling of real estates and companies, verification of investments in start-ups and innovative SMEs.

Tax returns and notices

  • Single Model for Physical Persons, Partnerships, Capital Companies and Non-commercial Bodies/Non Profit Organisations
  • IRAP Statements
  • Annual and periodic VAT returns
  • Tax withholding agent's declarations: mod. 770 and CU
  • INTRA and Esterometro models
  • Communications to the TS service
  • IMU Statements
  • Inheritance statements
  • Registration of leases (ordinary or dry-coupon)

Ordinary tax advice

Tax and administrative consulting on direct and indirect taxes. Ordinary management services throughout the consultancy activities

  • assistance to the administrative and accounting management of professionals and entrepreneurs
  • setting up and drafting of the tax returns and the consequent requirements
  • management of real estate, rental contracts, determination of IMU and TASI.
  • periodic monitoring of the status of the activity and assistance in decision-making
  • interventions in litigation and pre-litigation with the tax authorities
  • interventions at the offices of the tax authorities
  • interventions at the customer's premises during inspections and audits
  • E-Commerce compliance management.
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