Business and corporate consulting

Periodic monitoring

Support for the periodic monitoring of the Company and assistance in the formulation of entrepreneurial macro-choices - also on organizational and internal auditing and control aspects.

Multi-year plans

Support in the phases of analysis, formulation and elaboration of multi-year plans, budgets and forecasts at economic, equity and financial level. Business plan, cash flow (cash-flow analysis and forecast), sensitivity analysis, final control of results, deviations analysis, management control, debt verification with monitoring of company crisis indices.

Tax planning

Definition of planning and tax planning guidelines, to optimize their impact in compliance with current regulations. Construction of models for forecasting the related financial flows.

Overhaul services

Our firm has more than thirty years of experience in the management of investigation processes, put in place to analyze the integrity, value, and conditions of a company. Such services are required both in the ordinary management of the company directly from the property, in the purchase and sale to evaluate a new investment or in business combinations, and in litigation between partners.
  • Legal or voluntary review
  • Audit
  • Due diligence
  • Advisor

Outsourcing dedicated to multinational groups

Assistance in International Business Relationships. Transfer pricing, allocation of costs, cash pooling and funding, royalty, assets sale.

Administrative and accounting management of permanent establishments and subsidiaries of foreign companies. Preparation of periodic reports to the parent company in accordance with national and international accounting standards. Through the international network, the same services are offered to Italian companies that need to manage subsidiaries, JVs and permanent establishments abroad.

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