"Business Potential" Analysis

"Business Potential" Analysis

Studio Lauro proposes an innovative "company check-up" to face the increasingly complex challenges of global markets: this analysis is based on the principle that before any relaunch action it is essential to have an objective self-awareness.

Do you know your Company, your Competitors, the Markets where you operate or where you could operate, do you know your Colleagues, ... in other words ... do you know Your Potential?

  • With a Multidisciplinary Approach, Studio Lauro is able to analyze internal and external factors of your company (market, competitors, etc.).
  • Applying the most modern analysis techniques, we will reveal aspects of your organization from a new "point of view".
  • We will give you subjective and objective elements to know, evaluate and increase the motivation and collaborative spirit of your colleagues.
  • We will support you in the reformulation of a short and medium term Strategic Plan able to relaunch your activity.

Our innovative multidisciplinary protocol for evaluating and interpreting internal and external company dynamics - which determine organizational characteristics and market positioning - reveals peculiar aspects to assess the company's ability to face new challenges, develop new potential and achieve new goals.

In the final report that will be delivered at the end of the work, the actions considered recommendable and/or necessary to carry out a realistic relaunch process that also takes into primary consideration the company's actual financial capabilities will be highlighted.

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