Some Examples

  • Group reporting system checks
  • Analysis of the jewelry production chain, from the supply chain of stones to the selling in jewelries
  • Support to the inventor for the production and marketing of ingenuity works
  • Optimization of real estate management
  • Adaptation of the company structure and the taxation system for the generational shift
  • Assistance to the start-up of a production company in the USA
  • Contractual assistance to shipping companies in international relations
  • Management of land and real estate sales abroad and assistance in payment flows
  • Management control of subsidiaries and associates of an international conveyor belt manufacturing group with offices in France, South Africa, China and Brazil.
  • Reporting of international chocolate production groups with branches in Italy
  • Contractual assistance in provisional relationships between international glass and jar production companies and their Italian suppliers
  • Supporting international relations between US business consulting firms and their European branches
  • Establishment of international industrial groups for the production and trade of hydraulic filters, assistance in setting up foreign offices in China and India, management control.
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