Turn Around Projects

The business life cycle is the progression of a business in phases over time. We have experience in several of these, such as:

  1. Start-up phase
  2. Consolidation phase
  3. Growth and/or expansion phase
  4. Diversification phase
  5. Phase of acknowledged temporary difficulty

Following an accurate multidisciplinary study of all the internal and external parameters and indicators of the company and the market in which it operates, we prepare info memos containing specific elements for each case:

  1. The preliminary analysis,
  2. The presentation of the work project and its aims,
  3. The new business idea,
  4. The business plan,
  5. Cash flows,
  6. Debt restructuring plans (if necessary),
  7. The details of the restructuring project,
  8. The operational steps of the corporate relaunch.

We are also able to cooperate and assist the company in:

  • Search for liquidity, both internal and external
  • Optimization of resources, both structural and human
  • Construction and implementation of new business models in order to put the company “on the road”.
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